Our system runs a professional Digital Signage platform called Navori QL

Navori is made up of 3 components

Navori is made up of 3 components

This is a user-friendly web interface that runs on popular browsers including chrome, Mozilla and Microsoft Edge. The following tasks are undertaken by the manager.

  1. Categorizing, managing and monitoring players
  2. User management – Create user and assigning them privileges
  3. Adding, managing media and editing media properties
  4. Creating of templates using QL Template designer
  5. Creation of ticker using QL Ticker designer
  6. Creation of playlist
  7. Scheduling your playlist
  8. Generating of analytical data and aircheck reports

A versatile multi-platform player platform that supports Windows, Android and Tizen operating systems. It’s an interoperable application that requires no dependencies. The following content format are supported by QL player

  • Video – MP4, MOV, WMV
  • Images – PNG, JPG, BMP
  • HTML
  • Feeds – XML feeds, RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds and QL hosted feeds
  • Template
  • Ticker

Backend application that runs on Windows Operating system, Microsoft SQL database and Microsoft IIS web server. It’s a scalable solution whereby server requirements depend on the number of players to be deployed.